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Executive Director Memorandums

50 Mile Travel Rule Procedure

Access Security Executive Order

Delegation of Authority - Commission Vehicles

Delegation of Authority - Authorization to Operate FWC Vehicles for Temporary Agency Employees

Delegation of Authority - Large Utility Vehicle

FWC Vehicle Purchases

Mission Critical Travel

Pay Increase Guidelines and Requirements

Finance and Budget Office Memorandums

2012-01: Social Security Numbers on Travel Forms

2014-01: Proper Object Code Usage - Supplies and Repairs

2015-01: Flair Access Request Form

2015-02: Travel Reimbursement Voucher Receipt Date

2016-01: Chief Operating Officer Review Requirements

Chapter 1 General Administration

1.1   Administrative Policies and Procedures (rev. 6/23/17)
1.2   Office Hours and Procedures (abolished 2/20/2017)
1.3   Closure of Facilities Occupied by FWC Employees (new 11/18/2016)
1.6   Opening/Closing Order Procedures
1.7   Commission Records
1.8   Office of Inspector General
1.10   Employee Recognition Programs
1.12   Authority, Responsibility and Function of Regional, Division and Office Directors, and Staff (rev. 2/24/2017)
1.13   Internal Communication
1.15   Commission Assistance to Commercial Film or Video
1.16   Pending Law Suits File
1.18   Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) (rev. 9/23/16)
1.24   Submission and Publication of Technical Papers
1.30   Ombudsman Program
1.32   Commission Orders
1.33   External Customer Service

Chapter 2 Finance & Accounting

2.2 Travel Procedures and Travel Manual
2.5 Documentation of Financial Transactions

Chapter 3 Information Technology

3.2 Remote Access Policy (rev. 2/20/2017)
3.3 Password Policy
3.4 Wireless Communication Policy
3.6. IT Project Governance (new 2/20/2017)
3.7 Information Technology Resource Usage Policy
3.8 Computer Security Incident Response & Reporting
3.12 Mobile Device Use and Management (new 8/8/2017)

Chapter 4 Purchasing

FWC Purchasing Manual (rev. 3/17/2017)

4.1 Procurement (rev. 3/17/2017)
4.2 Contract and Lease Agreements
4.3 Construction Contracts
4.4 Use of State Purchasing Card

Chapter 5 General Services

5.2 Workplace Safety and Loss Prevention Program (rev. 11/8/2017)
Workplace Safety and Loss Prevention Manual (new 11/9/2017)
5.3 Use of Commission Vehicles, Vessels, Equipment, and Aircraft
5.4 Commission Headquarters Mail Room Services
5.5 Building Renovation, Demolition, and Asbestos
5.8 Property
5.9 Telephone and Radio Acquisition, Use Installations and Repairs
5.11 Chemical Immobilization Drug Policy and Procedures
5.12 Bulk Fuel Use (rev. 3/31/2016)

Memo of Authorization to Operate Commission Vehicles

Chapter 6 Human Resources

6.1 Standards of Disciplinary Actions for Misconduct for FWC Career Service Employees (rev. 2/20/2017)
6.2 Critical Incident Stress Management (rev. 05/05/2016)
6.3 Acting Supervisor/Office Manager (abolished 2/20/2017)
6.4 Performance Evaluation System (rev. 7/12/2016)
6.6 Dual Employment and Conflict of Interest
6.9 Volunteers
6.10 Residency Requirements of Commission Employees (abolished 2/20/2017)
6.12 Internships
6.17 Continuing Education
6.19 Perquisites and Sale of Goods and Services (rev. 11/18/2016)
6.23 Payment of Employees Moving Expenses
6.25 Sick Leave Pool and Sick Leave Donations (rev. 3/3/2017)
6.26 Drug and Alcohol Testing
6.29 Equal Employment Opportunities/Affirmative Action Plan/ Americans With Disabilities Act
6.31 Sexual Harassment (rev. 12/27/2016)
6.32 Fundraising/Solicitation (rev. 7/12/2016)
6.33 Employees Involvement in Sports Activities
6.34 Employee Conduct Demeanor and Conflict of Interest
6.35 Employee Attire, Rank, Dress Standards and Personal Appearance
6.37 Personal Telephone/Communication Devices
6.41 FWC Purchase of Retirement Service Credit
6.42 Terminal Leave
6.43 Vacant Positions
6.44 Code of Ethics
6.45 Domestic, Sexual and Workplace Violence
6.46 Employee Criminal History Check
6.47 Telework
6.48 Family Medical Leave Act
6.49 Training (new 11/8/2017)

Career Service Grievance Procedures

Sick Leave Transfer Plan

Work Force Reduction Plan Aug 2011