Florida Bass Weight Calculator

Learn how to measure freshwater fish properly

Enter length and girth in decimal inches in the yellow boxes and the various weight
estimates will automatically be calculated.  The Blue-highlighted value is typically
the most accurate, the brown highlights show a range of estimates from alternate
Total Length in Inches: Length in Millimeters: Weight in Pounds:
Maximum Girth in Inches: Girth in Millimeters:   Weight in Kilograms:
  Optional weight estimate based on TL*TL*G/1200:  
    (Rough estimate for torpedo shaped fish like bass)  
  Optional weight estimate based on TL*TL*G/1000:  
    (Rough "California" estimate for full-bodied fish like gravid bass)
  Optional weight estimated based on TL*G*G/800:  
    (Rough estimate for bass, per Outdoor Life and Hal Schramm)