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Eagles: Guidance to Avoid Disturbing Eagles

This step-by-step guidance will help you determine if a new activity near an active or alternate nest is likely to cause a disturbance.  Avoidance measures are listed under each category (A-I).  The distances listed are the minimum allowable from an active or alternate bald eagle nest that an activity can occur without the need for a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) eagle permit.  Any activity occurring closer than the distances designated here should apply for a permit.  The guidance available here is only valid for projects in the state of Florida.

Attention: Ultimately it is up to the interested party to ensure that federal and state guidelines are followed to avoid a potential violation of state and federal Bald eagle laws.  The FWC will not seek to prosecute persons whose activities are conducted consistent with the FWC Bald Eagle Management Plan, even if the activity results in a "disturbance" to bald eagles.

Activities that do not require a permit are those that can be undertaken consistent with the FWC Bald Eagle Management Plan.  Please see the process map (page 24 of the FWC Bald Eagle Management Plan) for further clarification regarding whether or not a permit is recommended.  A permit is not required for any activity that is:

  1) conducted at any time more than 660 feet from an eagle nest
  2) temporary (regardless of distance) and conducted outside of the
      nest season
  3) conducted consistent with the FWC Eagle Management Guidelines

Using the Step-By-Step Guidance

Step 1. Choose a project or activity category (A-I).

Step 2. Determine whether construction/development activities will be visible from the nest.

Step 3. Determine if there is a similar activity within 660 feet of the nest.

Step 4. Print out your disturbance assessment.