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Breeding Bird Atlas

Search and download data. This site provides access to the Florida Breeding Bird Atlas data recorded by volunteers from 1986-1991.   The surveys occurred in all 67 counties which were divided into 1028, 7.5-minute topographic quadrangles. Each quad was further divided into 6 (2 wide X 3 tall) equal-sized blocks of about 10 miles2 of which about 75% (4,866)  were surveyed. The web site www.topozone.com may be used to find the name of a quad for locations in Florida. For each species, a breeding code indicating the "highest" breeding evidence was recorded.

Please Note: This database contains records from volunteers from 1986-91.  The intensity of the survey varied from person to person, and from quad to quad, and some species are easier to detect than others. The nesting status of any given species may have changed since 1991. For these reasons, users of this database are cautioned that the absence of a record for a given county, quad, or block, does not necessarily mean no nesting is now occurring. This service is not an adequate substitute for a specific on-the-ground survey.

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Download the data. The following dbase IV files are available for download.   Click here for a data overview or here for download help. 

Birdlist codes  (54 kb) 216 records Breeding codes (7 kb) 20 records Quads (86 kb)     1,028 records Atlas data  (2,950 kb) 134,965 records